Awareness of real-time energy costs and ensure correct invoice payments​

In today’s competitive and evolving environment, optimising costs and resource utilisation has become critical for organisations of all sizes.

One of the most significant costs for many organisations is energy consumption.

Energy costs can represent a significant proportion of an organisation’s expenditure, while forecasting them can be difficult, especially for those with variable energy contracts.

Despite this, many organisations overpay for their energy consumption due to incorrect consumption values, tariffs, discounts and taxes being applied to their bills.

This issue can be addressed through invoice verification, a process that helps organisations ensure they are paying appropriately for their energy usage, taking into account their contract terms.

Our partner Sedico offers an innovative bill verification service that ensures effective management of utility bills for multi-site organisations, saving them money in the process.

In this webinar we’ll look at how Energis.Cloud supports Sedico’s invoice verification service and how companies can benefit from it.

In particular, Dieter Schallenbergh and Cees de Groot will go into detail about:

  • How the availability of main meter consumption and injection data contributes to near real-time cost tracking.
  • The impact on retailers of the complexity of energy bill calculations.
  • How to avoid incorrect payments.
  • We will look at a real case study of how bill verification works.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and discover how you can stop overpaying due to costly errors in your energy bills.

Register now to secure your place!

For a deeper dive into the best practices discussed, don’t miss the previous webinar about Valorizing energy data for retail stores


Picture of Dieter Schallenbergh

Dieter Schallenbergh

Commercial Director Europe at Energis

Picture of Cees de Groot

Cees de Groot

Business Development - Energy Related Services at Sedico - A Vistra Company

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