Data-driven Energy Management Software that helps you to get visibility on energy and all the related data

Energy Management without boundaries

Multi-site portfolios

Collect and centralise energy data (from utility bills, meters, submeters…) and benchmark entire portfolios. Easily identify under-performing sites and priority actions that will generate savings.

ISO 50001

Facilitate the implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management System. Collect data automatically, follow up on the relevant energy performance indicators, set up reference situations and measure the energy savings in compliance with IPMVP guidelines.

Utility Bill Management

Extract the data (EAN meter, readings, etc.) directly from the electronic PDF or scanned PDF of the invoices and use it to benchmark & analyse multiple sites in seconds. Automatically detect mistakes in invoices by verifying the correctness of the contract conditions, the market regulations (transport, distribution, taxes) or the DSO input.

Prevention of power peaks & penalties

Monitor active power, reactive energy and CO2 emissions in real time; prevent penalties by setting up alerts & by activating remote control of equipment; analyse your consumption to optimise energy contracts.

Solar assets & self-consumption

Collect data from any inverter, sensor, datalogger & meter; identify communication issues & underperforming assets; easily calculate the financial gains even in self-consumption; visualise & report all relevant KPIs.

Detect inefficiencies immediately

Collect energy and production data from any meter and system; set energy performance indicators and monitor performance in real-time; detect inefficiencies using AI analysis, smart alerts & reports

Indoor Air Quality & Comfort

Ensure occupants' well-being: monitor in real time CO2, humidity and temperature; set alarms to ensure that values stay within thresholds based on regulations; track the improvement of air quality in time.

Measurement & Verification (IPMVP)

Measure & Verify Savings in compliance with IPMVP: extract historical data from utility invoices for baseline creation; create IPMVP adherent energy models within the software; track & report energy, financial and CO2 savings; facilitate the follow-up of energy performance contracts and reduce their costs.

Energis.Cloud allows us to easily manage energy and environmental data. Thanks to alarms, we can react quickly to anomalies and take corrective actions in the building. The software allows following the impact of our actions and to ensure that we are on the right path to achieve our objective of decreasing the environmental footprint as well as costs.

Chloé Ponsart

General Manager and owner at Sensorea

Once we collect data via Raspicy, we transfer it to the Energis.Cloud platform which allows us to do the processing and analysis we want. This helps us to detect energy drifts, but also to guide the development of energy performance projects in which customers are very interested. The Energis.Cloud platform helped us enormously to develop the entire IPMVP part. This protocol allows us to calculate the energy savings we make during the year and also to follow these based on the energy models that Energis.Cloud allows us to develop.

Christian Nolla

CEO, Energenic

Energis.Cloud allows us to visualise, monitor and optimise the comfort and energy consumption of our customers’ buildings. Whatever the data, and regardless of the source, mobile sensors or fixed installations, the information is reported on the platform and put at the disposal of our teams and customers, in real time.The flexibility of the platform makes it possible for the users to personalise and present the collected information in infinite ways. For all our staff, it is a pleasure to use this Platform.

Maerevoet Valentin

Energy/Facility manager at Tem

Energis solved our energy and Indoor Air Quality visualisation problems. It is easy to use and suitable for both, energy and indoor air quality. It provides good visualisation possibilities, flexible dashboards, IPMVP reporting, alerts. It is very reliable and with many useful data connectors. The support team always responds very fast!

Geert Bellens

Energy engineer and co-owner Metiz

We are very happy to use Energis.Cloud. In only half a day we were trained to use it in an autonomous way and to integrate the data in the platform. It was very fast to start, and the connectors were developed in just a couple of days! We did a market study and met with competitors, and everything was going much slower!

Vincent Kowalczyk

CEO Teenconsulting

The accuracy of the model is the highest possible and this is key in the market of EPC contracts; this provides Naturgy the possibility to offer Energy Performance Contracts to our final customers.

Silvia Sanjoaquín Vives

Innovation at Naturgy

The Energis.Cloud software stands out for its compatibility with the reality on the ground. It is a very open solution that allows you to take remote control of the various systems on site.

Stéphane Leroy

Chief of Operations at Helexia France

We chose Energis.Cloud to monitor and improve the energy management of 300 water treatment plants because it allows to collect and centralise data from a great variety of sources. We can now easily benchmark our sites, identify anomalies and react immediately to prevent wastes. Measuring the results of our actions and reporting them has become very efficient.

Bart Ryckaert

Energy Portfolio Manager at Aquafin

As an energy service provider, we are committed to monitoring the energy performance but also and above all the economic performance of our assets. We migrated all of our consumption and production metering points to Energis.Cloud, because it allowed us to monitor in a much more efficient way our photovoltaic assets also to perform self-consumption analysis. The centralisation of all the functions that our energy managers require on a daily basis allows them to spend more time on value-added activities for our clients.

Gaëtan Costa Mula

IT Manager at Helexia

Before Energis.Cloud, we were using excel files and we felt we needed to use an energy management system to make deeper analysis. We chose Energis.Cloud because we find it very intuitive. Also, it was very important for our EPC projects to be able to create IPMVP-compliant models.

Matthias Zuliani

Energy engineer at Ingenium

Energis.Cloud was chosen as part of a call for tender to enable the 3,500 buildings of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to integrate an energy policy, with clear objectives and action plans according to the requirements of the ISO 50001 standard. Reference consumptions as well as energy performance indicators (EPI) are also integrated in the system. The monitoring system will make it possible to rapidly achieve energy savings that represent several hundreds of thousands of euros of annual savings.

Christophe Madam

Head of the Energy Unit within the FWB Ministry

We migrated to Energis.Cloud to have more flexible customization abilities and for the IPMVP capabilities. We needed a solution to see data from multiple data logging devices, but also a platform which easily translates data into meaningful information. Energis.Cloud, and its awesome team, is able to provide all of this. The team dedicates the needed time to truly customize the platform and to truly make energy consumption data fully transparent. The use of Energis.Cloud has not only helped Minimise Global to identify savings opportunities through informative and insightful displays, but also made the invisible visible.

Danie Langner

M&V Engineer (CMVP) at Minimise Global

Why Choose Energis.Cloud

Reach your goals in a productive way


Energis.Cloud simplifies your work and frees you up for value-added activities. In one day of training, you master the platform and customise it in total autonomy.


Create the digital twin of buildings and equipment with unique AI algorithms. Use the data to create baselines, make forecasts, identify underperforming assets and wastes.

Flexible adapts to your needs and way of working. Easily add your KPIs, virtuals meters, alert conditions, and customise dashboards & reports.


Manage all energy and environmental aspects in a centralised and collaborative way, including multidisciplinary teams and engaging occupants.

Get insights to better target & prioritize energy efficiency actions

Collect data in real time and monitor the connected devices

Keep control of data in real-time: monitor data flowing from peripheral devices in a simple, safe and flexible way. Raspicy datalogger also allows remote control of devices on-site and to increase the percentage of up-time.

Digitise, analyse and verify the correctness of utility invoices in a few clicks

Easily extract data from invoices in electronic or PDF format, for an entire portfolio of buildings, and create value out of them identifying invoicing mistakes, optimising energy supply contracts, etc.

Measure & Verify savings in compliance with IPMVP guidelines

Easily track savings, ROI and CO2. Measure results precisely and facilitate the follow-up of EPC and ISO 50001 projects.

Multi-device integration

Energis.Cloud is a device-agnostic platform

This means that energy data can be collected from different hardware providers, BMS systems, DSO, IoT sensors, legacy systems and more.
  • Onboarding is fast and simple

    It is your first energy management software, or you are migrating from another solution. In any case, we will make sure that the change is fast and simple.

  • Co-marketing: let's team up!

    We believe that your success is our success! That is why we offer our partners the chance to outline their successful case studies on our web page and on our social media. We organise events and webinars to promote our partners' experience in different activity sectors.

Have Questions?

Our product experts collect information about the sites and related data that you want to integrate into Energis.Cloud.
They set up the environment for you and give training. Once you receive this training, you will be fully autonomous to use and modify the platform. We make sure that you are up-to-date with the new features as the platform evolves with new releases.

Energis.Cloud is device-agnostic. This means that energy data coming from different hardware providers, BMS systems, distribution system operators and more can be collected.
We also have an openAPI. You can retrieve/send your data between Energis.Cloud and other information systems. Our experts can always help you with the integration of Energis.Cloud with other IT systems.

All data is stored and operated on physical servers located in the EU, managed by Energis.Cloud. There is a daily backup made for your data. Energis.Cloud is hosted in a secured environment compliant with ISO 27001 information security standard.

Yes. We understand the importance of being able to brand the software with your own logo for your end customers. You can apply your logo and your colours to every page visible to your clients.