Energis is an international ICT company specialised in energy efficiency solutions. It was created as the result of years of experience and developments that started at Freemind Group…

Energis.Cloud is the Smart Energy Management Software that centralises and analyses all consumption and production data to optimise energy performance and comfort in buildings and industrial sites.

Together we create a highly competitive energy management offer. By choosing Energis, you are sure to rely on a trustworthy partner and not on a potential competitor.

Energy is your expertise

You speak energy

As an energy expert, you manage a variety of energy efficiency projects. You process high volumes of data manually using long excel files or switching from one software to another. With Energis.Cloud you optimise the energy performance of equipment, buildings and industrial sites in a centralised way.

Technology is our specialty

We speak technology

We are the technological partner of energy experts.
We provide a highly customisable and flexible platform, Energis.Cloud that uses a mix of innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT.

Our platform has been designed for you!







Activity sectors

Our experience is built with specialised partners active in a variety of sectors

Our Smart Energy Management Platform is highly scalable and flexible. It adapts to a great variety of energy efficiency projects.

“Before Energis.Cloud, we were using excel files and we felt we needed to use an energy management system to make deeper analysis. We chose Energis.Cloud because we find it very intuitive. Also, it was very important for our EPC projects to be able to create IPMVP-compliant models”.

Matthias ZulianiEnergy Engineer at Ingenium

“The Energis.Cloud software stands out for its compatibility with the reality on the ground. It is a very open solution that allows you to take remote control of the various systems on site”.

Stéphane LeroyChief of Operations at Helexia France

“We are very happy to use Energis.Cloud. In only half a day we were trained to use it in an autonomous way and to integrate the data in the platform. It was very fast to start, and the connectors were developed in just a couple of days! We did a market study and met with competitors, and everything was going much slower! “

Vincent KowalczykCEO Teenconsulting

“ Energis offers a very complete solution, combining software and hardware. This is a great advantage for energy experts who can benefit from an all-in-one package”.

Jan VirouxCEO Ensys/Helexia Flanders

“The accuracy of the model is the highest possible and this is key in the market of EPC contracts; this provides Naturgy the possibility to offer Energy Performance Contracts to our final customers.”

Silvia Sanjoaquín VivesInnovation at Naturgy

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