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Located in Kortrijk, Belgium, Howest University is an outstanding centre for education, research and industrial service. Its flagship program, the Bachelor of Energy Management, prepares students for influential roles in the energy sector.

Working seamlessly with Energis.Cloud software, among other valuable academic tools, Howest promotes experiential learning. Indeed, this approach allows students to immerse themselves in real-world energy data management scenarios and hone their skills. 

Indeed, the school was making great efforts to meet its energy efficiency targets but was struggling to be sure of the value generated by an ECM (Energy Conservation Management) and therefore to quantify the ROI of energy efficiency investments. 

In addition, the volatile energy market and mix of energy sources (PV, gas) made it even more confusing and difficult to report and communicate these savings and excellent results to management.

Wanting to better understand energy consumption and savings, and to be able to report and communicate the excellent energy efficiency results to the university’s management, Howest turned to Energis.Cloud.

By integrating Energis.Cloud into various projects and complementary solutions, the institution is creating a robust educational experience, nurtured by industry expertise.


Financial savings realized through self-consumption (CHP and PV) 2022 vs 2021


Self-consumption (Cogeneration) savings 2022 vs 2021

+ 0 %

Self-production (Cogeneration) Kilowatt-electric 2022 vs 2021

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