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This new release reflects all the commitment and dedication Energis puts into providing an evolving, high-performance platform that responds to ever-changing needs. Indeed, we have listened to these demands and tried our best to satisfy you.

With this new release, we have focused on two main aspects: improving system performance and extending the existing data analysis tools.

Here below you will find all the updates that have been introduced.

List of improvements

Performance improvements

New mechanisms are introduced to reduce the perceived loading times of dashboards and reports, namely:

  • Increased front-end cache to improve the fluidity and responsiveness of the system when configuring widgets or multi-widget sections or when visiting the same page multiple times.
  • Computation tasks folding improves responsiveness of light widgets when heavy widget are processed from the same section.

Zooming and panning in charts

With release 9.1, we introduce a new way of zooming on data, as well as an easy way to move to nearby periods (pan to the period on the left or right of the currently displayed period).

Zooming can be done either by creating a sliding window on a chart (click, maintain click, drag, release) or by clicking on a bar or a point of the chart.

New widget options

It is now possible to display the dots corresponding to data points on the chart lines. This way, it becomes immediately visible if data is present or not. 

To enable this option, simply select the “Show dots for data points” option in the Display configuration menu of metrics in Multi-metrics charts, Multi-assets charts, Profile charts and Multi-periods profile charts. The dots will be visible with both the Line and Area plot types.

To make it even more flexible, we introduced an option called “Cut line when no data“. It can be selected independently for every metric from the widget configuration panel. When disabled, the line interpolates the missing data. When enabled, the curve leaves the missing data apparent.

Peak removal

Peak removal allows flattening high peaks which may occur when visualising meter data that with missing index values (i.e. coming from data metrics with the Counter option ON). Such peaks happen because the difference between the index readings after and before the data loss is stored on a single timestamp.

Memos improvements

Memos are a useful tool to record any event related to an asset. In the 9.1 release, we empowered the memo page to show both the memos from the selected asset and from its children. This means for example that by selecting a group, you see the memos from the group and from all the sites, meters, etc. in this group. Finding a given memo therefore no longer requires finding the related asset first, it is enough to select one of its parents.

Moreover, we introduced a Status column which allows using memos as a light task manager, on top of an event database.

Invoice digitisation improvements

The invoice digitisation module has been enhanced with the following features:

  • A new logs page is available to authorised users in the Setup > Invoice activation status menu. This page provides information about the sync events that are required to link invoices with meters, sites and users, e.g. when creating new meters, to help to verify the process and troubleshooting when needed.
  • The asset tags are now carried over in the invoice analysis module. Simply add a tag from the asset edition page or from the Asset tags page to force syncing and pushing the tags to the invoice analysis module.


  • Report templates: we improved the PDF rendering by revising the scaling mechanism of the report’s content.
  • A new “Notes” field has been added in the user details page to keep track of additional data related to the user.
  • When creating new users, the asset domain is initialized to an empty domain (instead of a full domain) to prevent mistakes and oversights while selecting the domain.
  • The email that new users receive has been improved with better guidance to request a new password.
  • In the Asset tags page, new Code and Parent site columns have been added to extend the filtering possibilities.

Bug fixes

  • CSV export of Multi-asset table not working.

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