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In Release 8.2, we have added new dashboard and reporting features while ensuring that the user experience is improved. We have also improved the security of the platform by revising our password policy.

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Multi-assets ranking chart​

A new benchmarking widget that allows you to rank assets based on a metric value.​

Multiseries ranked by “Water consumption (m3)”
Pareto line

Multi-assets pie chart​

A pie chart that shows distribution of multiple metrics on a single asset.​

Base granularity

A new granularity concept that optimises the behavior of charts. It is designed to show data on chart even if the period length is long or many assets are selected.​

Excel export of report templates​

It is now possible to export data from report templates in excel format. The export can be downloaded on the fly or can be attached to the scheduled reports.​

Pagination and filtering​

You can now filter the tables such as users, metrics, dashboards and more based on relevant criteria, ascend/decend their order and navigate eaiser with pagination.​


Asset tree filtering throughout the platform​

Asset tree filtering is enabled for part the of the platform where you need to select multiple assets: metric cloning, user domain selection, report scheduling.

A new password policy​

A renewed password policy that allows to determine a strong password, to set an expiration date for the password and avoids sending the password in email body.​

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