This use case is applicable to a company (office) building with local PV production and an electric fleet. In the building premises, there is a set of locally owned charging points which are controllable. A set of electric vehicles (EVs) – belonging to the company fleet or not – are charging on a regular basis in this charging infrastructure, with some variability both in time and duration (no fixed schedule).

The overall objective of this use case is to optimise the charging process of these vehicles while ensuring the charging service to all vehicles, considering different criteria: Reduction of the charging cost, optimisation of the energy consumption and increase of the building “greenness” (maximizing local REN usage).

The benefits for the company or organisation are about guaranteeing a good quality of service:

  • providing the required amount of energy to all electric vehicles on time as requested, generating the satisfaction of drivers
  • reducing the building peak power
  • reducing energy bill & thus generating savings
  • increasing usage of local PV energy
  • more greenness & sustainability image of the enterprisbetter RoI of the PV installation

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