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Standard Analysis

Standard Analysis

Easily identify inefficiencies and

Quick Wins thanks to Big Data and IoT

  • Collect data automatically

  • Organise and analyse energy measures

  • Get alerts in case of anomalies

  • Report to your clients easily

Free up time to excel!

Analyse your data quickly and easily!

Energy Monitoring System

The first step towards big savings!

Discover how using different appliances affects energy bills. A good monitoring system tells you where you consume the most and where you can save the most.

Listing and collecting appropriate data allows you to review and analyse energy consumption flows and identify energy saving actions. Mastering this phase allows you to understand energy usage and reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

Our application allows you to view real-time electricity usage, in terms of cost and units of energy used (kWh). It also provides many additional features, such as setting electricity usage targets and/or alarms to alert you when a certain amount of electricity has been used.

Interactive Dashboards

Thanks to clear, user-friendly dashboards, it is easy to track the progress of your energy saving projects.  You can use various analytical views to quickly build personalised panels.

Use interactive dashboards to continuously benchmark, analyse, monitor and report the energy performance of the sites and site entities so that corrective actions can be taken.


Creating reports is as easy as creating dashboards! You can combine text and pictures to design reports that immediately convey the appropriate message.

You can also generate and send reports to the right people at the right time, using consumption and production data that is automatically updated.

Other features

Energy Assets Inventory

Identify and store data that will be useful for successfully monitoring your managed sites.


Use easy rules or complex algorithms to generate alerts. Define necessary corrective actions and document their results.

Choose the Best Option
for Your Business

To offer this solution to your end customers you will ONLY pay subscription fees based on the number of professional users and the metrics managed (metrics are data points such as consumption, generation, meteorological and occupational data, etc.)

The pricing STRUCTURE is available upon request

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy