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The Smart Energy Management Platform

Our Smart Energy Management Platform manages all energy-related aspects of your buildings to identify inefficiencies, to optimise performance and to generate benefits.

How can our Energy Management Software boost your business?

Energy efficiency is a comprehensive and far-reaching project. Your customers expect you to improve their energy efficiency, generating savings and new additional revenue streams and reducing their carbon footprint. As an expert, your role is very important. Your customers count on you to achieve the highest possible ROI.

We also aim to offer you the most innovative artificial intelligence tools to create the highest possible business value. The more advanced your analysis, the more value you create for yourself and for your end customer. Energis.Cloud has been designed in a flexible way to suit your work style and the specific characteristics of each of your managed sites.

The Energy Management Solution for ambitious Energy Experts!

You manage complex energy efficiency contracts and multiple sites. Your mission ranges from basic auditing and monitoring to forecasting, as well as result measurement and verification. You need to manage an important amount of documents and projects for ISO 50001 certification and be ICP compliant. You deserve our most comprehensive data intelligence package to reach your goals!

Standard Analysis

Easy-to-use tools that allow quick implementation
Inventory – Data Acquisition – Monitoring

Advanced Analysis

Powerful tools for very detailed analysis
Modelling – M&V – Smart Alerts

Projects & Documents

Easily upload and manage documents related to energy projects and generate automatic reports
ISO 50001 certification & ICP certification

Standard Analysis

Advanced Analysis

Projects & Documents

Included features

Energy Assets Inventory

Identify and store data that will be useful for successfully monitoring your managed sites.

Data Collection

Don’t waste time: collect data automatically! Our Saas is compatible with most data loggers.


Keep track of electricity usage. Discover how using different appliances affects energy bills.


Use easy rules or complex algorithms to generate alerts. Define the necessary corrective actions and document their results.


Easily generate and send reports to the right people at the right time!


Identify baselines for sites and equipment in accordance with the EVO IPMVP guidelines.


Accurately estimate consumption, costs and power generation.


Implement continuous monitoring of the site’s performance to increase its energy efficiency.

Measurement & Verification

Demonstrate successful results and ROI to your end customers thanks to IPMVP-approved calculations!

Choose the Best Option
for Your Business

To offer this solution to your end customers, you will ONLY pay subscription fees based on the number of professional users and the metrics managed (metrics are data points such as consumption, generation, meteorological and occupational data, etc.)

The pricing STRUCTURE is available upon request.

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy
© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy