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Projects & Documents

Projects & Documents

Drive your energy efficiency projects in a centralised and simple way

  • Support your end customers in the process of obtaining or maintaining ISO 50001 certification

  • Increase your productivity by automating part of the process, by centralising all documentation and by generating energy-related reports

  • Develop bankable energy projects in accordance with the ICP (Investor Confidence Protocol) guidelines

  • Make a propoer follow-up of your EPCs

Energis.Cloud is the only ICP-certified software in Europe!

Manage your Documents and Projects quickly & easily

Document Management

Complying with international standards can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That is why we have designed an application to make this task easier for you. How?

Firstly, by easily and quickly uploading and managing all documents related to the site and managed assets. Secondly, by automating reporting of your energy management activities according to your obligations under ISO 50001 and/or other standards.

Project Management

Companies are under pressure to maximise environmental performance in new buildings and buildings requiring energy efficiency upgrades.

To help you build a coherent energy project that will increase confidence among investors, we have developed a tool that allows you to easily upload and manage documents associated with energy-related projects and to develop bankable energy projects in accordance with the Investor Confidence Protocol guidelines. Use the predefined process and invite accredited auditors to review and approve project data.

Simple Process and Working Steps





Choose the Best Option
for Your Business

To offer this solution to your end customers you will ONLY pay subscription fees based on the number of professional users and the metrics managed (metrics are data points such as consumption, generation, meteorological and occupational data, etc.)

The pricing STRUCTURE is available upon request

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy
© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy