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Optimise Energy Performance of your Building

Optimise Energy Performance
Save money
Improve comfort


Reach your objectives with no effort

Energis, together with Ingenium, will present

case studies on hospitals & office buildings

NOVEMBER 6, 2018
9h – 12h

Breakfast and Conference at
NH Gent Belfort /
eco-friendly rooms


Energis and Ingenium have been working together for several years on improving energy performance of buildings, such as hospitals, sports centers, schools and offices in general. Through our experience we have learned that most energy and facility managers share the same challenges. That is why we would like to invite you to a free session about:

“ How can you optimise the energy performance of your building effortlessly? ”

Are you responsible for the energy performance of your building?

Are you concerned about the energy consumption at your organisation?

Are you looking for solutions to reduce energy costs while keeping comfort high?

Join us at the expert talk!

  • Learn about actions that were taken in buildings similar to yours to improve the energy performance;
  • Learn about the benefits reached (monetary, environmental and comfortwise);Ask questions to your peers and benefit from their experience as well as ours.


Discover how to easily manage the four crucial steps of your energy project :


    • In avant-première, test the Automated Invoice Analysis : we will present our new module allowing you to digitalise hundreds of invoices in just one click, to check automatically their correctness and to analyse them further.

    • QuickS: benchmark selected buildings with similar ones in just a few clicks. Perform a first level of monitoring and identify easily inefficiencies and potential savings.

    • Modelling: use Artificial Intelligence techniques to define your consumption baseline in just a few clicks and to calculate precisely your energy savings before and after the implementation of your energy efficiency project (e.g. EPC).

    • Remote control and automated optimisation: define your conditional rules and let the Energis.Cloud system correct anomalies as soon as they are detected in order to optimise comfort and energy performance in your buildings


N.B. For practical reasons, demonstrations are done using existing data. You can of course schedule a personalised demo after the event

When:   Tuesday, November 6

Time:  9h – 12h

Where: NH Gent Belfort / Eco-friendly rooms

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy