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Remote Control and Optimisation

Remote Control & Automated Optimisation

You manage multiple sites and your staff is often travelling to make corrective actions. Implementing field operations takes a lot of time, money and effort.

Automate actions based on conditional rules in order to:

  • stop immediately energy waste

  • reduce intervention costs and time

  • improve the service you offer to your customers

Boost your savings!

Add the Remote Control to Energise your Performance!

Identify and correct consumption anomalies directly from your desk!

Automate Actions and Boost your Savings

When you notice consumption peaks you usually need to send your technicians on your client’s site to turn off devices such as lights, heating system, air-conditioning, or to change equipment settings. This increases intervention time and costs and you end up annoying your customers.

By activating automatic optimisation and remote control, you are able to :

– Stop immediately energy waste
– Reduce intervention costs & time
– Improve the service you offer to your customers.

Program Energis.Cloud according to your expertise. Based on your rules, the system generates automatic actions and sends commands to the technical system on site to optimise energy usage. It will help you meet your objectives and greatly increase the amount of savings achieved.

Two-directional communication

A valuable two-directional system allows you to send commands to hardware devices and receive information back. Our platform is compatible with all devices using Modbus, Lora and Sigfox.


Choose the Best Option
for Your Business

To offer this solution to your end customers you will ONLY pay subscription fees based on the number of professional users and the metrics managed (metrics are data points such as consumption, generation, meteorological and occupational data, etc.)

The pricing STRUCTURE is available upon request.

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy