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The most sustainable energy is that which is not consumed. We believe that we all play a role in reducing the carbon footprint!


Our aim is to be the innovative technology partner of energy experts to achieve a rational use of energy and build a sustainable future together.


Energis is a company specialising in IT solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing overall emissions. It is a young company created in July 2017 by Angelo Santoro, the current CEO Frederic Wauters, Lisiane Goffaux and Mario Rubino. Its creation is the result of years of experience and progress that started in 2012 at Freemind Group, a Belgian company specialising in IT projects and consulting services. Today, Energis is active in Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France and Spain. It also hopes to expand to Portugal and Germany.


We provide a highly customisable Energy Management Platform enabling energy experts to quickly develop energy efficiency solutions in the commercial, industrial and e-mobility sectors.

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Energis.Cloud covers the entire lifecycle of energy efficiency projects and allows you to:

  • Collect energy consumption, production and storage data from any source
  • Quickly monitor the energy performance of single- and multi-site organisations
  • Remotely control field devices to optimise energy use, storage and production
  • Build advanced energy analysis & optimisation applications using unique artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Comply with environmental, energy efficiency and financial regulations (ISO 50001, Energy Performance Contracts, EPBD, IPMVP, ICP, …) via certified project management and reporting

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy
© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy