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Advanced Analysis

Boost your performance with artificial intelligence

  • Continue to analyse your clients’ sites after auditing and monitoring through an automated process.

  • Use smart alerts and intelligent models to optimise energy performance.

  • Verify and measure the results with maximum precision thanks to IPMVP-approved calculations.

Reduce energy consumption by more than 40%. How?

Energis.Cloud uses unique AI algorithms that will boost your performance.

Modelling and Black Box Techniques

Consumption is influenced by numerous factors. These include weather conditions and building occupancy. Energis.Cloud uses unique and complex artificial intelligence algorithms, and more specifically black box techniques. They enable you to identify these factors and link them to consumption, with great precision. Energis.Cloud is the only software on the market capable of identifying energy models in just a few clicks. It can also define the baselines, in accordance with the 14 EVO IPMVP® and ASHRAE guidelines. 


Models may be used to forecast expected behaviour both before and after implementing your energy projects. They are therefore useful for accurately calculating savings, and for estimating power, energy consumption and generation with the utmost precision.

Models also enable the generation of smart alerts based on deviations from expected behaviour and the implementation of optimisation schemes and corrective actions to prevent wasted energy.

Increased Performance

Energy efficiency is a continuous analysis and optimisation process that takes time. Our software allows you to automate this process and to take proactive actions to guarantee optimal energy performance over time. After analysing the relevant site (school, industry, hospital, etc.), the energy expert can easily make consumption and environmental predictions and also identify and perform actions that will further improve the site’s energy efficiency.

Measurement & Verification

Demonstrating successful results and ROI to your final customers has never been so easy thanks to IPMVP-approved calculations! Thanks to our M&V modules, you can determine the actual savings at your customer’s site with great precision, a key element in the EPC market. 

The ability to easily and accurately calculate the savings and CO2 reductions obtained is a unique aspect of our technology. Savings are determined by comparing measured consumption before and after implementation of a project. And even when data is missing or incorrect, the models enable you to make the appropriate corrections and complete your detailed analysis and forecast.

Savings reports can be generated automatically and made available to your customers in real time.

Demonstrating successful results and ROI to your final customers has never been so easy thanks to IPMVP-approved calculations!

Choose the Best Option
for your Business

To offer this solution to your end customers, you will ONLY pay subscription fees based on the number of professional users and the metrics managed (metrics are data points such as consumption, generation, meteorological and occupational data, etc.)

THE pricing STRUCTURE is available upon request

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy