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Monitoring and maintaining solar photovoltaic installations across different countries, using a variety of inverters and dataloggers, is not easy. The data collected come in different formats and units and do not allow a direct benchmarking. While in most cases, this leads to decentralised and inefficient work, we have a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Energis.Cloud for Solar PV installations

Centralise all data from any sources
Easily calculate turnover
Increase production performance
Report, monitor & visualise all relevant KPIs

Centralise all data from any inverter, sensor, datalogger & meter

How many systems are you currently using to collect and analyse all the data? Our system allows to collect data from any source and to centralise and analyse it all at once, even for large portfolios of PV plants. In addition, you can monitor the data flow from all inverters in real time in order to prevent any downtime.

Easily calculate the financial gains even in self-consumption

Too often still, this process is done manually and it is very time-consuming. With Energis.Cloud, all the collected data is uniformised automatically for all plants and all countries. To calculate the turnover - for the energy sold and injected in the grid for example - we integrate fluctuating prices and key contract parameters. Turnovers can thereafter be used as a reliable way to do benchmarking between the different countries, in addition to other standard KPIs such as normalised production, performance ratios, etc.

Increase production performance by simplifying PV plants maintenance

Use automatic alerts to identify underperforming installations and to react immediately in order to guarantee maximum production of solar energy.

Monitor, visualise and report all relevant KPIs

Share the results achieved in a visual and impactful way, through public screens and through custom reports. The data shown on public screens updates automatically in real time, while the reports can be customised and scheduled to be sent to different stakeholders.
As an energy service provider, we are committed to monitoring the energy performance but also and above all the economic performance of our assets. We migrated all of our consumption and production metering points to Energis.Cloud, because it allowed us to monitor in a much more efficient way our photovoltaic assets also to perform self-consumption analysis. The centralisation of all the functions that our energy managers require on a daily basis allows them to spend more time on value-added activities for our clients.
Gaëtan Costa‑Mula
IT Manager at Helexia

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