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Optimise production processes and energy efficiency to increase competitiveness

Industry is one of the largest consumers of energy in the EU. Energy costs represent the largest concern for the competitiveness of energy intensive industries (e.g. production of paper and printing products, chemical goods, glass and ceramics, iron and steel and non-ferrous metals). Here is how we can help concretely.

We help increase competitiveness in Industries

Keep control of production performance in real time
Monitor and optimise energy efficiency of production processes
Prevent penalties due to power peaks, reactive energy and CO2 emissions

Keep control of production performance in real time for faster reaction

Is your production line performing at most? Is a production line underperforming and thus impacting quality? Our Raspicy datalogger allows to monitor production in real-time at milliseconds frequency directly on the on-site system. In the event of production below the threshold, abnormal consumption, downtimes and inefficient use of resources, the system sends automatic alerts via e-mail or text messages in real time.

More about Raspicy datalogger >

Optimise production performance based on informed decisions

Keeping control of the energy consumption enables to reduce production costs and to increase competitiveness. Energis.Cloud helps make the right decisions:

Prevent penalties due to power peaks, reactive energy and CO2 emissions.

How do you monitor and report on CO2 emissions? Are you monitoring reactive energy? Does your facility exceed its contracted power? We can help you monitor and report on energy and CO2 performance.

In addition, we can also help you prevent penalties by setting up alerts and automated commands to control equipment remotely

We chose Energis.Cloud to monitor and improve the energy management of 300 water treatment plants because it allows to collect and centralise data from a great variety of sources. We can now easily benchmark our sites, identify anomalies and react immediately to prevent wastes. Measuring the results of our actions and reporting them has become very efficient.
Bart Ryckaert
Energy Portfolio Manager at Aquafin

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