Solution for Facility managers

Increase equipment effectiveness and ensure occupants' well-being

HVAC, lighting, refrigeration systems, compressors, pumps, PV,… ensuring that all equipment are up-and-running and performing efficiently is a complex exercise. It requires a deep and continuous analysis, real time monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities. That’s where we come in.

We help Facility managers detect and react faster to anomalies

Ensure Occupants' well-being
Prevent equipment failures
Decrease reaction time and costs

Avoid complaints by ensuring constant comfort and air quality

In order to guarantee constant well-being and comfort, it is important to monitor in real time parameters such as CO2, humidity and temperature and to make sure their values stay within thresholds.

Prevent equipment failures

Build equipment AI models in order to forecast their expected behaviour and to identify deviations. Energis.Cloud identifies underperforming and likely to fail equipment that require urgent intervention.

Decrease reaction time & costs by automating actions

Control lights and HVAC using automated actions.You can either visualise your equipment on synoptic views and remotely control them or you can program the system based on calendar or thresholds to control the equipment on site without any manual intervention.
Energis.Cloud allows us to visualise, monitor and optimise the comfort and energy consumption of our customers’ buildings. Whatever the data, and regardless of the source, mobile sensors or fixed installations, the information is reported on the platform and put at the disposal of our teams and customers, in real time.The flexibility of the platform makes it possible for the users to personalise and present the collected information in infinite ways. For all our staff, it is a pleasure to use this Platform.
Maerevoet Valentin
Energy/Facility manager at Tem

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