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Keep energy costs and CO2 emissions under control

Reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions is a sum of multiple actions: monitoring consumptions, identifying the corrective actions that will generate savings, implementing local energy production… Because it is impossible to do everything at once, it is important to have a complete overview of the situation in order to make informed decisions to achieve short-, mid- and long-term objectives.

We help Energy managers work in a centralised and efficient way

Make the most out of energy data
Calculate precisely energy savings, ROI and CO2
Build custom KPIs and reports in an autonomous way

Get the most out of the data

Energy data, temperature, humidity, occupancy, units produced… with Energis.Cloud you can collect any data from any source: from utility bills, DSO, BMS, Iot, SCADA, etc.

Use the data collected to draw an action plan to prioritise actions that will generate savings:

Measure and Verify energy savings in compliance with IPMVP guidelines

Now that the plan is drawn, you are requested to guarantee savings and to measure results precisely, either within an EPC or within the ISO50001 energy mangement system.

Our M&V module allows to easily track savings, ROI and CO2 in line with IPMVP guidelines. Concretely, it allows to create consumption models using multiple variables (options A, B and C of IPMVP). It offers the precision of the most accurate tools with the advantage that you perform this operation within your Energy Management Platform. No need to be an expert as it is very intuitive and meant to be used by any energy manager.

Communicate about the results achieved using impactful & customised reports

Comply with rules and regulations and draw a positive corporate image thanks to impactful reports that you can build in total autonomy: customise the logo, the colours, the graphics and KPIs that you need. You can also schedule the automated sending of the reports based on thresholds or deadlines.

What is more, you can build attractive dashboards to communicate achievements on public screens in real time. This will help engage occupants and build a positive corporate image: how much solar energy was produced in one day, how much CO2 was saved as a result of it, etc.

Implementation of ISO 50001 energy management system

With Energis.Cloud you facilitate the implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management system through all stages:
What is more you can measure the energy savings in compliance with IPMVP guidelines, directly in the software and retrieve the reports that will allow you to obtain the ISO 50001 certification or simply to renew it.
Before Energis.Cloud, we were using excel files and we felt we needed to use an energy management system to make deeper analysis. We chose Energis.Cloud because we find it very intuitive. Also, it was very important for our EPC projects to be able to create IPMVP-compliant models.
Matthias Zuliani
Energy engineer at Ingenium

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