Extensible Platform

Allowing creating custom energy management solutions

All the tools you need to build your custom solutions

KPI Builder: A very flexible formula syntax

The true potential of energy data management
reveals itself when it is converted into meaningful insights: weather normalization, cost calculation, self-consumption, virtual meters, tenant billing, and more. All is possible thanks to KPI builder. 

Alert condition configurator

Energy waste can be prevented only if it is well-identified and the right people are informed at the right moment. 

Alert condition configurator gives you the possibility to define the precise condition that you want to detect as a waste. You can also setup who should receive the alert and what they should do upon receiving it.

Highly flexible dashboarding tool

Highly flexible dashboarding tool

Various stakeholders are involved in energy management, including energy specialists, sustainability, finance, facility, and C-level managers. We created a very flexible dashboarding tool so that you can design meaningful dashboards for each of them.

Creating your dashboards with energy managements specific charts, tables, and diagrams is easy. You also have different access levels for each of your customers so that everybody finds only the relevant information to them.

Report creation tool

We understand that sharing the results of your work with periodical reports is highly important to engage with your customers. Energis.cloud report creation tool allows to set-up and schedule periodical PDF reports.

User and communication management

You can manage multiple customers within your platform, thanks to our user domain management. Each user of the platform has a specific set of locations they can access. You can also customize their home-page to ensure that they find what they need easily.

Energis.Cloud also comes with layouts for your emails and reports so that you can customize the communication with your customers.

Make the platform yours

You have the ability to customize the platform in every detail, making it 100% unique and personalized.

Define your ideal solution

Initial setup of a custom solution

Energis supports many languages including, English, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. More languages can be supported within a week upon request.

Ready to work in a centralised, simple and efficient way?