Raspicy Data Logger

Collect data in real time and monitor the connected devices

What is important about a Monitoring System is its capacity to acquire and monitor data flowing from peripheral devices in a simple, safe and flexible way.

Raspicy allows two-way communication and has first-level aggregation capabilities and computation of managed data. Highly appreciated, it performs remote control actions based on calendars or user-defined settings.

Enable Real Time data collection and device control

Data acquisition
On-site control
Monitoring of devices
On-site dashboards

RaspICY data logger

All the options that make our data loggers unique


It is extremely simple to create a network of Raspicy Data Loggers that work together. Additions can be made at a later stage.


Raspicy is highly reliable and stable. It is equipped with a series of internal self-diagnosis tools. It can prevent the most common system blocks.


Extreme flexibility in exploiting existing networks. If necessary, it uses a network of its own, created via 4G / LTE Router (optional external device).


The data collected are stored locally on the device. Therefore, data can be used in the absence of connectivity. The buffer period is configurable.


The device updates the on-board software without the need for an intervention to replace the device. It is fast and without service interruptions.

Secure & Certified

Employed for professional applications where extreme reliability, ruggedness, and compliance with technical and safety directives are required.

Raspicy Data Logger is constantly evolving

Interfacing with any type of meter or device in existing systems, Raspicy allows for avoiding the replacement of the hardware.

Multi Data Sources

Raspicy collects data and communicates with a wide range of HW devices such as sensors, energy meters, IoT devices, weather services, photovoltaic installations, etc.

Data storage

Collected data can be consulted in real-time on the on-site monitoring system, or sent via a private and protected network to our cloud to be subsequently analysed and processed.

Choose the model that fits for your needs

Raspicy PRO

Based on Raspberry Pi 3 with the addition of different hardware features that make it suitable for professional and industrial use.

Raspicy PLC

Based on Raspberry Pi3, it is both, analog and digital I/O module, with relay outputs for standard interfaces, typical of a modern PLC.

Raspicy TOUCH

For both PRO and PLC models, it is possible to request an additional configuration with touch display for industrial use.