Perifem Protocol

Since February 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, there has been a dramatic global increase in the prices of key commodities, in particular for the gas. Moreover, the dependence of many European countries on cheap natural gas from Russia increased worries about the availability of energy supplies, in the EU as well as worldwide.

However, everywhere in Europe actions are being taken to get ready for uncertain times; among the involved stakeholders, we can find Perifem, the French federation that joins together all the players in the distribution sector around environmental issues.

Indeed, Perifem took this action: it brought together all the companies in the retail sector to define a series of actions to reduce consumption by next winter, and absorb the energy cost.

Perifem defined a protocol that includes day-to-day actions to be implemented from 15 October 2022, and emergency responses.

This initiative is supported by an extensive commitment from the retailers. First, because they have been working for a long time to enhance their operations.

Secondly, the visible rise in the electricity price explains the speeding up of their commitment. In fact, companies are likely to be weakened, and consumer prices are likely to jump up, so it is essential to avoid too significant impact on clients.

Perifem’s actions to address the energy crisis

In detail, the following decisions were taken:

  • Standardize the reduction of light intensity.
  • Switching off the air renewal system at night, as well as other steps towards more efficient energy management.
  • Lowering temperatures to 17 °C in all outlets.
  • The systematic reduction of light intensity by 50% before the public arrives and by 30% during opening hours.
  • Cutting off air exchange during the night.
  • Staggering of ice production periods (especially for fish shops).
  • Switching off illuminated signs when the shop closes.

This long-term trend of cutting energy consumption will have several effects: the main one is the accelerated deployment of renewable energy and the enlarging of clean technology to decrease Europe’s energy dependency.

How our Energy Management Software can help you

Within this scenario, Energis.Cloud can help you in a twofold way: detecting inefficiencies, to lead you to energy savings, and measuring the effectiveness of the actions you take, so you can have visibility on your energy performance.


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