A high value-added collaboration that facilitates the work of buildings’ managers, ESCOs, integrators & facility management companies.


Enless Wireless, a French manufacturer of IoT devices dedicated to energy efficiency, metering and comfort in buildings and Energis, a Belgian specialist in digital solutions to monitor and optimise energy efficiency and thermal comfort, officially combined their skills in September 2020, after years of occasional collaborations on specific projects. It is the result of needs experienced on the field to monitor and improve the comfort and indoor air quality efficiently, mostly impulsed by recent regulations.

Recent regulations on comfort and indoor air quality

Statistics show that the French spend more than 80% of their time in enclosed public places. (Source: Ministry for the Ecological and Solidary Transition). This is roughly similar data for the Belgian population.

Public sites with high footfall such as schools, museums, and shopping malls … present major public health and comfort challenges. Once a certain concentration of people is reached, oxygen content starts to fall and CO2 ratios start to rise, with consequences such as headaches, shortness of breath, etc. This is the same also in the private sector, where bad air conditions are also responsible for reducing employees’ productivity. Real-time monitoring of CO2, VOC, temperature, and humidity data is therefore critical to monitor.

In fact, in several European countries, new regulations impose levels of CO2 to be met.  In Belgium, for example, a recent federal law requires that the employer take the necessary technical and/or organizational measures to ensure that the CO2 concentration in the workplace is less than 900 ppm. But how to perform such monitoring efficiently?

A solution that allows significant time savings: from data acquisition to performance monitoring

Each stakeholder involved needs something different: building managers want to make the right decisions based on accurate and reliable data and KPIs; integrators, ESCOs, and facility management companies, are looking for sensors that are easy to install, configure and connect; domain specialists want dashboards to follow-up air quality & comfort in buildings. But in practice, each of these steps is time-consuming and complex to put in place.

A complete, pre-integrated, end-to-end solution that can be put in place easily and quickly


This collaboration has been further developed with the launch of the new Enless LoRa(WAN) range of sensors.


The data frames of the Enless Wireless LoRa[WAN] sensors have been decoded and integrated inside the data visualization and alerts platform Energis.Cloud. Thus, building integrators looking for a global solution to monitor their energy performance can have access to a complete and easy-to-implement turnkey solution, including the hardware part and the platform/software part. 

“The advantage of this pre-integration is that it allows a quick start (max. one day) with the right KPIs and ready-to-use dashboards. This facilitates the work of integrators and facility managers”, says Frédéric Wauters, Product and Innovation Manager at Energis.

Indeed, in the current COVID-19 crisis, it has become even more urgent to monitor indoor air quality. Being able to implement such solutions fast enough to guarantee healthy environments in buildings such as hotels, elderly houses, sports centers, schools, etc. is critical. 

Oğuz Kıranlar, product manager and energy engineer at Energis, emphasizes the value-added for building energy efficiency operators :

“Air quality and comfort monitoring is only possible with a robust set of sensors and a smart monitoring software that can use this data. Searching and selecting the right sensors and the monitoring software that are compatible with each other is time-consuming. The collaboration of Enless Wireless sensors and Energis.Cloud platform is enabling experts to receive a complete solution without wasting time in searching and testing.”


The pre-integrated solution [easy to install, to configure and to connect] offered by Energis and Enless Wireless has been tested and validated in ‘real conditions’ on several projects in France and Belgium in private offices, hospitals, schools and industrial sites.

“We have high expectations regarding this new collaboration since we believe that it is a proper answer to the need of our customers looking for a turnkey solution to monitor their energy performances. We are impatient to deploy more common projects in Europe, France and all over Europe!”, says Victor Petit, key account manager at Enless Wireless.

> To access the full Enless Wireless LoRa(WAN) range of sensors, go to https://enless-wireless.com/en/lora-products-range/ 

> To access the Energis.Cloud platform go to https://energis.cloud/en/products/platform/ 

The Enless Wireless LoRaWAN and Sigfox energy monitoring devices are also accessible on the “supported systems” page on the Energis website.

The example of TEM (Engie Solutions), a Belgian maintenance specialist ensuring the quality of living through equipment maintenance


The first joint projects using the combined solution of Enless Wireless and Energis were carried out by the Belgian integrator TEM (Engie Solutions) to run energy and comfort audits.

These audit campaigns are carried out using Enless Wireless radio sensors and the Energis.Cloud platform to check if the comfort conditions (temperature, relative humidity, CO2) are properly met. The audits indicate if the installations in place (heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems, etc.) function correctly and are optimally configured. If alarming values are detected thanks to the Energis.Cloud software, the technical teams are notified in real time and can take the corrective actions directly (modification of operating hours, replacement of defective equipment, etc.).

 About Energis    

Energis SA positions strongly in the ICT sector, with about 10 years of proven experience. In fact, it was created in 2017 as the result of years of developments that started at Freemind Group in 2012, a company specialised in BMS (Building Management Systems) and IT consulting services. 

Today, Energis is active in Europe, USA and Africa and specialises in digital solutions that facilitate the work of energy and environmental actors active in tertiary buildings, manufacturing plants and solar PV. 

Energis.Cloud is an innovative software that allows to monitor & optimise energy, indoor air quality, comfort and industrial processes. Very flexible and evolutive, it adapts to the specific needs of the users and of each project. It allows to collect and process high volumes of data in a fast and secure way, from any source, and to organise & visualise it based on custom KPIs. Unique AI algorithms allow to build baselines useful to optimise the performance, predict maintenance, measure and very savings accurately.

For more information, visit: www.energis.cloud

About Enless Wireless     

With more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications field, Enless is a major and recognized manufacturer of M2M (Machine to Machine) and IoT objects for energy performance in buildings.

The Enless offer allows you to effectively monitor the energy consumption of your buildings with Low-Power / Ultra Long Range products that are quick and easy to install.

Their know-how with wireless technologies such as Wireless M-Bus, Sigfox or LoRa(WAN) allows us to work with equipment manufacturers, integrators or operators looking for wireless products and ready to use solutions.

Enless Wireless provides a complete product offer for several targeted applications: temperature monitoring, hygrometry and air quality, meter reading or industrial applications.

For more information, visit: www.enless-wireless.com

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