We are delighted to introduce our latest innovation designed to revolutionise energy management: the eGuardian eApp. This cutting-edge tool is designed to detect consumption anomalies early, allowing our customers to focus their efforts where they matter most.

Why eGuardian?

In the fast paced world of retail, efficiency is paramount. Our eGuardian eApp identified over €250,000 of wasted energy in just one year for a fashion retailer with 200 stores in France. This astonishing discovery means that a significant 9% of their total energy consumption can be saved.

See it in action

Want to see how the eGuardian eApp can transform your energy management strategy?

Check out our latest video for an in-depth look at how our app works.

Ready to make a change?


Energis eGuardian turns energy management into a strategic advantage, delivering accuracy, efficiency, and proactive decision-making.

If you think your company needs to make a change and you don’t know where to start, click the link above to watch our video and learn more!

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