At Camp Grinsby, the campsite of Staf Coppens in Årjäng, Sweden, our partner Bureau 9000 is advising Staf in his dream of turning Camp Grinsby into an energy-neutral sustainable campsite.

The Context

From Belgium to Sweden (a country that gets more than half of its energy demand from renewable energy), our Energy Management Software is successfully in use in Årjäng.

Our partner Bureau 9000 (a study and energy consulting firm), got in touch with Staf, and soon it became clear what added value they could bring to him.

The goals

The primary aim was to help Camp Grinsby become an energy neutral campground. To achieve this goal, Bureau 9000 relied on Energis.Cloud to provide data-driven advice on energy transition through operational improvements, prioritising energy efficiency initiatives and conservation measures such as installation of PV, heat pumps, solar panels and EV charging stations.

The Strategy

Detailed consumption, as well as all the energy savings actions, need measurement and verification and monitoring. This is where Energis.Cloud makes the difference.

To successfully implement the Energy Management, the following actions were taken:

  • Choice of a wireless communication technology. Due to the nature of the site and geographical location, it was quite a challenge to do energy monitoring properly. The most economical qualitative solution was to choose wireless communication.
  • Staf should not only be informed about energy consumption, but also about how that consumption translates into financial costs, CO2 emissions, as well as where energy saving opportunities are located.

The Result

The collaboration between Bureau 9000 and Energis.Cloud allowed to:
  • Individually measure each camp site, showing where abnormal consumption is coming from.
  • Share insights with the guests of Camp Grinsby, to better inform them when potential unnecessary consumption occurs.
  • Allowing Staf Coppens and his guests to take immediate action when inefficient or excessive energy consumption is detected.

“By taking joint action, we can minimize our carbon footprint, and make sure we use the energy we consume wisely. I think that in recent decades too little thoughts has been given to it and that now we have the moral obligation to just do that, to be informed, and to ensure that we make the right decisions in the future.”

Staf Coppens


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