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The version 6.1 aims to facilitate even more the work of Energy Managers

The market of energy efficiency is growing fast, and we try to always keep an advance to best serve energy managers. Thanks to our growing experience, the constructive feedbacks from clients and the requirements we monitor on the energy efficiency market, we have further enhanced our Smart Energy Management Software. Energis.Cloud 6.1 aims to facilitate even more the work of Energy Managers with some unique features.

Energy Flow Diagram, to better understand where the energy goes

In buildings and industrial sites, energy flows from the main meter or production units to zones and different equipment. There are also complex HVAC systems that are made of many components located in different areas.

Flow diagram widget allows you to have a clear view on the energy flows in such complex systems with a Sankey diagram. You can easily identify and quantify the biggest energy transfers in the building, the losses or unmeasured consumption. This way, you know exactly what needs to be optimised in priority.

Below list shows several examples on how this widget can be used:

  • Energy flow visualisation of complex systems: the components of HVAC systems in large sites can be located in different zones. For instance, a chiller located in a certain building can feed chilled water to air handling units of other buildings. This widget allows you to visualize how the chilled water produced in one building is flowing to the others.
  • Identification of electricity load of equipment and losses: when there is sub-metering in a building for different zones and/or equipment, you can visualise how the electricity is used per zone or equipment as well as visualise the losses in different levels.
  • Production units visualisation: when there are production units such as co-generation or solar panels, you can visualise their contribution to the total consumption of the building.

Multi-Period Profile Chart, easily identify peaks and anomalies by comparing present and past consumptions

Would you like to know if a current consumption is normal, just in a glimpse?

Thanks to the multi-period profile chart, you can verify easily if the consumption of a certain current period is in the norm compared to the consumption of an equivalent period in the past. This new visualisation feature on Energis.Cloud gives you the opportunity to analyse your energy consumption on multiple time periods and to benchmark the energy signature of your site over time.

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