Smart Building Energy Management Solution for retail stores

Our solution monitors the energy performance of +30.000 stores, uses AI to identify potential savings, optimises lighting & HVAC and provides comprehensive reporting.


Kiabi is better able to monitor its Décret Tertiaire and validate its savings and targets, thus reinforcing its energy saving strategy.

Nature & Découvertes

We promote energy sobriety and resource optimisation for the Nature & Découvertes stores, while paving the way for significant energy savings and a positive impact on the environment.


Blokker monitors electricity, gas and water consumption to identify inefficiencies and savings opportunities for the stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


We support Action in its journey towards a more sustainable and efficient future for its stores.


The Fnac Darty group is relying on the Energis.Cloud platform to reinforce its energy-saving strategy and achieve even greater energy savings across its entire real estate portfolio.


As part of the Promod project, we are defining alerts based on intelligent AI models to alert store managers to real problems, reduce false alarms and identify energy waste.

Stores monitoring

Scale energy efficiency across multiple stores

See at a glance which sites have a higher ROI and which energy-saving measures are most effective for each site

Energy data of all your stores in one place
cost breakdown

AI-based Alerting

Savings identification with AI

Find anomalies and savings opportunities using AI-powered algorithms


Controlling of Lights & HVAC

Automated control of HVAC & Lights to avoid energy waste



Timely and seamless information

Reports that provide a summary to stakeholders based on the frequency you require

Turn energy data into valuable insights

Energy data is the starting point for our solution, that’s why we collect data from different sources and make it actionable, leading to strong financial energy savings

We collect data directly from multiple Distribution System Operators and the grid operators. Our solution is open for integration with other grid operators.

If data is not available from the Distribution System Operator or grid operator, we can still collect data using our own hardware:

  • Gateway – On-site device that coordinates all controllers and sensors
  • Control devices – wireless devices for remote control of lighting and HVAC
  • Metering – wireless devices that measure comfort and take appropriate action

Reduce energy costs today

Energy efficiency across all your stores

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