Minimizing energy waste in your stores while making financial savings, without complex installations or infrastructural changes. Sounds too good to be true?

Fear not, we have a solution that harnesses the power of Machine Learning to revolutionize the way the retail sector identifies, validates, and reduces energy waste: eGuardian.

We know that saving energy and money has proven to be a challenge for retailers, now more than ever. 

You don’t really know the energy consumption profile of your stores, you can’t tell which ones are underperforming because each one is slightly different, and today’s consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to your commitment to reducing your carbon footprint…

What’s more, it’s hard to quantify how much energy and money your efforts are actually saving, making it difficult to demonstrate the value of your commitment and contribution to becoming carbon-neutral.

Initiatives often consist of trying to buy energy at lower rates, generating your own energy, or investing in expensive, more energy-efficient equipment. 

In our case, through the power of AI, our eGuardian instantly detects and reports energy waste, so you can stop it at its source with minimal effort. 

Our latest innovative eApp truly embodies the future of sustainability, enabling retail companies to make well-informed decisions, optimize energy efficiency, and play a key role in promoting a greener, more sustainable world.

Within a few months of implementation, any type of retail company can benefit from AI-powered energy waste detection, strong financial savings, and overall energy efficiency.

Join us to discover the features and concrete cases that make eGuardian an essential tool for stores committed to operational excellence.

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Key features of eGuardian

Continuous waste detection with high accuracy

What sets eGuardian apart from other anomaly detection tools in energy management software on the market is its ability to provide round-the-clock vigilance, using Artificial Intelligence to detect and report energy waste in real-time. This continuous and accurate monitoring of anomalies enables retailers to move from easily identifying problems to solving them quickly and effectively.

But how does it work in the real world?

Based on historical consumption which we can source easily, a model representing the company’s energy consumption is generated in Energis.Cloud. The model aims to closely represent the expected energy consumption and detect any significant deviations through Machine Learning. If an abnormal event is detected, the eGuardian will raise an alarm.

The results

eGuardian doesn’t just raise hopes and expectations for savings and improvements: it delivers real results.

In fact, for a women’s fashion retailer with 300 stores in France, in only the first 5 months of deployment, eGuardian produced the following results:

  • 590 relevant alerts confirmed. 
  • 78.550 kWh of wasted energy detected since April 2023.
  • +37.000 € lost due to energy waste.

In fact, this project aimed to identify waste based on Artificial Intelligence models to alert the store managers only in case of real problems, reducing false alarms and ultimately identifying energy waste.

In addition, store managers were educated to take simple actions to reduce energy waste for each type of waste detected, monitor the impact of their efforts on a weekly basis, and eventually identify inefficient equipment to reset, update, or replace them with more efficient ones.

Tailored alerts and insightful dashboards

eGuardian’s alerts are not mere notifications, but rather insights derived from advanced AI-generated regression models and sophisticated rules. Users receive alerts via email, ensuring accessibility across all devices. 

These alerts are triggered by, for example, excessive consumption during opening and closing hours, a water leak during off-peak hours, or low power generation compared to the AI model.

After receiving an alert, users can confidently navigate the complexities of energy consumption and production patterns with ease, using the eGuardian Site Dashboard

This powerful tool enables in-depth analysis of actual versus expected energy metrics, provides clarity with uncertainty thresholds, allows for a detailed comparison of electricity, gas, and power production, and provides an overview of alarm types and waste estimates.

Where there is a need for a global view of the status of each site based on the models, users can utilise the Global Portfolio Dashboard.

Designed for companies monitoring multiple sites, the eGuardian Portfolio Dashboard acts as a central hub. This dashboard provides a global view of alerts and energy waste detected, site-specific breakdowns of alerts and waste by type, and an overview of the eGuardian AI models deployed.


Planned reports for better decision-making

With eGuardian’s scheduled reports, stakeholders can stay informed and make better decisions with confidence.

eGuardian offers two types of reports: Monthly Site Report and Monthly Portfolio Report.

The Monthly Site Report summarises alerts and detected waste for individual sites, while the Monthly Portfolio Report provides a comprehensive overview of the entire portfolio, giving a complete analysis of alerts and detected waste.

Data-driven insights with precise requirements

To power the eGuardian application, companies must provide specific data inputs:

  • Electricity data (15-minute intervals, 12 months of historical data).
  • Gas data (hourly intervals, 12 months of historical data).
  • Water data (hourly intervals).
  • Weekly schedules of opening hours.
  • Information on exceptional holidays or working days.
  • Unit prices for electricity and gas.

The added value of eGuardian

Energis eGuardian turns energy management into a strategic advantage, delivering accuracy, efficiency, and proactive decision-making.

If you think your business needs to make a change, and you don’t know where to start, contact one of our experts today.

We can help you achieve energy efficiency across all your stores.

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