Take action on identified energy saving opportunities and consumption anomalies


With the Control Pack, you can:

Take action on identified energy saving opportunities and consumption anomalies

eController eApp

Get the control of devices such as HVAC and lighting for energy savings. It relies on the following components:


On-site device that coordinates all controllers and sensors and interacts with the Cloud application

Controllers devices

Wireless devices for remote control of lighting and HVAC


Wireless devices to measure comfort and take appropriate action

  • Onboarding is fast and simple

    It is your first energy management software, or you are migrating from another solution. In any case, we will make sure that the change is fast and simple.

  • Co-marketing: let's team up!

    We believe that your success is our success! That is why we offer our partners the chance to outline their successful case studies on our web page and on our social media. We organise events and webinars to promote our partners' experience in different activity sectors.

Have Questions?

Our product experts collect information about the sites and related data that you want to integrate into Energis.Cloud.
They set up the environment for you and give training. Once you receive this training, you will be fully autonomous to use and modify the platform. We make sure that you are up-to-date with the new features as the platform evolves with new releases.

Energis.Cloud is device-agnostic. This means that energy data coming from different hardware providers, BMS systems, distribution system operators and more can be collected.
We also have an openAPI. You can retrieve/send your data between Energis.Cloud and other information systems. Our experts can always help you with the integration of Energis.Cloud with other IT systems.

All data is stored and operated on physical servers located in the EU, managed by Energis.Cloud. There is a daily backup made for your data. Energis.Cloud is hosted in a secured environment compliant with ISO 27001 information security standard.

Yes. We understand the importance of being able to brand the software with your own logo for your end customers. You can apply your logo and your colours to every page visible to your clients.

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