In today’s connected business landscape, collaboration has become the driving force behind innovation, growth and success. This article explores the partnership between our organisation and our valued partner Sedico, highlighting the transformative results achieved through shared expertise, trust and a common vision of success.

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The context

Sedico, a Vistra company, helps multi-site clients reduce their property-related costs through energy invoice management, verification, monitoring and procurement.

Sedico had a clear goal in mind: as their international client base grew rapidly, they needed a scalable and flexible solution to realise the identified potential for optimising their invoice verification process and to scale on a larger basis without losing efficiency.

As they embarked on their global expansion, they sought a partner who could help them grow over time and adapt to the changing needs of the market.

The strategy

Considering that Energis was already working with Sedico not only in the Netherlands, but as a global collaboration, they recognised the opportunities and value of the Energis.Cloud platform and knew that Energis could be their new partner for the future.

In fact, Energis.Cloud met their expectations by offering exactly the capabilities and flexibility they were looking for.

The results

As a result, Sedico has transformed its invoice management process with significant accuracy and efficiency. By automatically calculating the necessary invoice checks, errors and optimisations were found faster, giving them more time to detect, analyse and solve other deviations.

With Energis.Cloud, Sedico now has the opportunity to help their clients in all countries with energy monitoring and invoice verification and to realise more optimizations and saving results.

In the end, the partnership with Energis helps Sedico to manage and reduce their clients’ energy costs and ultimately their carbon footprint.

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