About Aquafin

Aquafin was established by the Flemish Region (Belgium) in 1990, for the purpose of expanding, operating, and pre-financing the wastewater treatment infrastructure in Flanders. Aquafin collects household wastewater from the municipal sewers in collector sewers and transports it to wastewater treatment plants, where it is treated in accordance with European and Flemish standards before it is returned to nature.  As a result, the quality of watercourses has improved enormously.  The treated water isn’t of drinking water quality for humans, but it is just right for fish, birds, and amphibians. Aquafin also uses their knowledge of the water cycle to have clean water in city centers, but also to guarantee sustainable use of rainwater to prevent increased drying of soils or flooding after heavy rains.

Since October 2018, Aquafin has implemented measures to monitor and improve the energy management of 300 water treatment plants consuming 300 GWh of electricity, the equivalent of 75,000 families.

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