In release 8.3, our primary focus is better interaction with the data in dashboards so that you can perform your analysis faster, easier, and with more options. We also propose a new analysis tool, Synoptics, specifically designed for real-time data flows. 

Next, we introduce a new user role, Operator, which has optimized user permissions to work in the platform without impacting any global setup from assets, metrics and alert configurations. Lastly, we improve the user experience in several areas. 

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Simple and more powerful period interaction

Possibility to change periods without going into the configuration mode of widgets. Widgets of a dashboard section or a report template can be synchronised with a single global period or remain independent of each other.


New period selector

A powerful and intuitive period selector available in the sections or in the widgets.

Granularity selection on widgets

Possibility to select the display granularity from a dropdown list positioned on the widget.


New widgets

Two new single-asset widgets are available for you for both dashboards and reports: multi-metric table and profile chart. Both are quick to set up and their period can be synchronised.


A real-time data monitoring tool that allows you to position and view data on uploaded images used as backgrounds.


New Operator user role

A user role with permissions optimised to have daily analysis usage of Energis.Cloud, including dashboards, reports and alerts management, without the possibly to impact any global setup from assets, metrics and alert configurations.

UX improvements

A new widget selector that guides you in dashboard and report setup, possibility to add widgets without a title and a confirmation box pop-up if you leave pages without saving after any modification.

Bug fixes

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