your technological partner for a rational use of energy

Our mission is to bring value in the energy efficiency market by working together with organisations such as: Utilities, ESCOs, engineering companies, energy managers, facility management companies, etc.

We position ourselves as your technological partner for you to create a highly competitive energy management offer. We give you the tools to optimise the energy performance of your clients’ sites and equipment.


You manage a variety of energy projects. Because of their nature and duration in time, you may need to use Energis.Cloud at its full potential or only some modules. That is why we offer you the possibility to choose among different solutions that address your specific needs and those of your final customers.

Invoice Verifier NEW

Digitise, verify and analyse thousands of utility invoices automatically in just a few clicks.

Standard Analysis

Collect data automatically, organise and analyse energy measures, set alerts and send reports.

Advanced Analysis

Identify energy IPMVP-approved models and be assured of the validation of your EPC contracts.

Projects & Docs

Easily upload and manage documents related to energy projects to ensure ISO 50001 and ICP compliance.

Automated Optimisation

Automate actions based on thresholds, alerts and deviations from baselines and optimise performance based on your rules.

Enable two-directional communication

Our data logger, Raspicy, is naturally integrated with Energis.Cloud. It is highly scalable and customisable.

Why ?


Collaborative Platform

It enables real-time communication between energy experts, end users and other financial and technical stakeholders.


Access Anywhere

Access our cloud platform anytime and anywhere from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Full Support

Our teams provide you with a quality service in a professional manner.

Reduce energy consumption

by more than 40%


Modelling enables you to define a precise baseline, taking into account all appropriate variations (such as weather, hours of usage at the site, etc.). The model compares actual consumption to the baseline, allowing you to detect anomalies and generate Smart Alerts. By extending the baseline to the future, it also allows you to accurately forecast consumption and define the correct budget accordingly. Models can be used to analyse one or several pieces of equipment for a single or multiple sites.

We have been using artificial intelligence for years to generate extremely precise models. Such models create highly valuable energy efficiency projects.

This feature is included in the Advanced Analysis


This module allows you to program technical systems and to execute pre-defined actions, such as switching off the lights when a site is unoccupied, or charging batteries when the conditions are optimal to do so. Needless to say, it allows to create tremendous business value, together with Modelling and M&V. This functionality requires the availability of a connection with the technical system on site.

This feature is included in the Remote Control & Optimisation

Measurement & Verification

You have been able to identify areas of improvement and to take corrective actions. Now, it is important to measure and to verify the improved energy performance of your customers’ sites.

Thanks to the models, as an Energy Expert, you are able to compare the new performance to what consumption would have been without renovation works and corrective actions. You will be able to calculate easily what would have been the energy consumption without the corrective actions and to identify savings that have been achieved thanks to your intervention. Thanks to IPMVP-approved calculations, you will easily prove ROI to your final customers and validate your EPC  (energy performance contract).

This feature is included in the Advanced Analysis

We help you to perform your activities with an integrated solution to enable rational use of energy.

We believe in a partnership that energises your business as much as our own! Our partnership program has been designed to provide you with a great range of features. These include support services, software customisation according to your specific needs and those of your end customers, and much more!

Let’s build a brighter future together!

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy
© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy