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Energy is your specialty. For each project, you manage a great variety of data manually, using long excel files or swhitching from one software to another. You need a tool that will simplify your tasks.

Do you work in one of these organisations? Our platform has been designed for you!







Technology is our specialty. Energis.Cloud is not an EMS like the others : it allows you to centralise and analyse all your energy data onto one single platform, powered by technologies such as AI, Big Data and IoT.

Gain time and money, focus on your core business.


Activity Sectors

Our Smart Energy Management Platform is highly scalable and flexible. It adapts to energy efficiency projects in a variety of activity sectors:


Buildings represent the greatest potential to save energy. Currently, 75% of the building stock is energy inefficient as they were built during periods with no, or minimal, energy-related standards. With Energis.Cloud, you make buildings even smarter: centralise and monitor all energy data onto one signe platform, activate alerts to detect inefficiencies immediately, automate optimisation schemes based on AI algorithms to improve performance in the long run and control devices remotely.


While energy may be a relatively small component of total operating costs, for many industries, it is probably the most manageable one. With Energis.Cloud you can for example improve heating systems performance, eliminate energy leakage from compressed air systems as soon as detected; be alerted if equipment is running at night or even implement rules to send commands automatically. Managing multiple sites is easy and the number of physical interventions is strogly reduced!


Solar energy, hydro-power, … and even cogeneration are ways to autoproduce energy. Pooling energy resources and maximising their usage is one of the most efficient ways to reduce energy costs. With Energis.Cloud you are able to manage all aspects related to energy production and consumption in a comprehensive way: you maximise the use of renewable and autoproduced energy while you minimise consumption and costs.


The most effective solution for transforming tertiary and industrial buildings is to set up an Energy Performance Contract (EPC).
Increasingly appreciated by the contractors, EPCs provide a concrete and effective response to their expectations in terms of energy savings. Our software operates in accordance with the IPMVP principles foreseen in the EPCs and allows thus to measure and verify the savings achieved with the utmost precision.


Cities are becoming smarter and more integrated with physical devices connected to the network (IoT) and their energy need is rising. Energis.Cloud collects different types of data in order to manage assets and resources efficiently. We optimise the energy consumption and production of city assets such as public buildings, data centers, schools, hospitals, pv installations, EV charging points, etc. This way we enable an efficient use of the grid while we reduce costs and use of resources.


Since it is difficult to store large amounts of energy, Electric Vehicles offer a major opportunity to use this energy when it is available. Energis.Cloud allows to monitor the charging of EVs together with the consumption and production of buildings. Several dashboards can be provided for all involved stakeholders such as DSO (distribution system operator), EVU (electrical vehicles user), EFO (electric fleet operator), CSP (charging Station Provider).

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Harbour Monitoring System

Our partner Tecno uses Energis.Cloud to monitor the energy consumption of electric cabins and lifting cranes of an important harbour in Italy.
They collect and manage over 1200 metrics with a frequency of about 350 000 readings daily thanks to a robust network of 9 Raspicy data loggers installed on site.

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis  +   Raspicy data logger

Smart Industry

Hospitals Performance Optimisation

Our Partner Ingenium used our software to optimise the Energy performance of a hospital building in Belgium. Being an EPC project, it was important to measure & verify the savings achieved through our IPMVP-modelling in order to guarantee the precision of calculations.

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis  +   Advanced Analysis

Energy Performance Contract

Energy Performance of EU Parliament

Our partners Veolia and Cofely work to improve the Energy performance of several EU buildings. The main objective is to stop waste and inefficiencies by identifying immediately leaks and abnormal overconsumption through automatic alerts.
In order to do so, our partners use our software to collect data automatically from more than 600 sub-meters and to generate reports. In parallel, historical data is gathered in order to carry out an advanced analysis based on IPMVP models.

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis  +   Advanced Analysis

Smart Buildings

Improving air quality & energy performance of aerospace plant

Our Partner TEM has carried out a very innovative project aiming at optimising air quality and energy performance of an Aerospace plant by recovering energy from fumaroles.
In order to do so, they used our software to :

– Perform a precise analysis of the air quality of the working environment

– Generate alerts in case fumaroles reached dangerous temperatures

– Ensure good temperature and humidity conditions

– Collect data from a variety of sensor packs (mainly IoT)

– Analyse savings achieved by recovering energy from fumaroles.

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis

Smart Industry

Maximising the use of solar energy

Our Partner Nethys underwent renovation works on a warehouse in order to improve its energy performance. Part of the works included the installation of a PV system. Nethys calculated baselines built on our artificial intelligence algorithms. The baselines were further used to forecast and analyse the savings achievable through different renovation scenarios before starting the EPC in order to identify the renovation works that would bring the highest ROI to their client.
Additionally, in order to maximise the use of the solar energy produced locally, thanks to Energis.Cloud they were able to adapt the use of electrical clarks in function of PV production.

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis  +   Advanced Analysis

Renewable Energies

Energy Performance of Sports Center

Our Partner Naturgy has been in charge of important renovation works on a surface of about 30 000 m² of a sports center in Barcelona. They chose to use our solution in order to measure and verify the energy savings achieved according to the IPMVP guidelines :
“The accuracy of the model is the highest possible and this is key in the market of EPC contracts; this provides Naturgy the possibility to offer Energy Performance Contracts to our final customers.”
Silvia Sanjoaquín Vives
Innovation Energy Efficiency & Mobility Project Manager at Naturgy.

SOLUTIONS USED: Advanced Analysis

Renewable Energies

Energy Monitoring of multiple sites

Our Partner Helexia is in charge of monitoring gas and electricity consumption of more than 60 buildings for their client.
In order to do so, they used Energis.Cloud to :

– Create dashboards to check availability of data

– Generate reports

– Benchmark sites consumption in relation to surface and site location

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis

Smart Buildings

Cogeneration plant analysis in dairy plant

Our Partner Coretec uses Energis.Cloud in a dairy plant with a cogeneration system in order to:

– Perform a cogeneration plant analysis

– Monitor machines performance

– Automate tasks such as weekly reports and energy flows

– To generate smart alerts to warn in case of dysfunctions or deviations from expected consumption

– Track performance anomalies fast and easily

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis


Optimisation of smart grid charging

Within a H2020 project, we are working to enable seamless electromobility through smart vehicle-grid integration. In addition to coordinating the project, Energis builds and provides dashboards for each stakeholder:

– DSO (distribution system operator)

– EVU (electrical vehicles user

– EFO (electric fleet operator)

– CSP (charging Station Provider).

SOLUTIONS USED:   Standard Analysis


Together, we create a highly competitive energy management offer

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© Copyright Energis SA/NV - Energis.Cloud - Enable rational use of energy